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"The design is amazing... it really is meaningful and it reflects exactly what I wanted to say...
it definitely worth the wait and I am really happy that now I have something to remember him with me...
thank you so much for your time and effort... probably soon I´ll get in touch with you for a new design... once again thank you..."
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-Sergio, Venezuela-
  • You tell us about your dream tattoo
  • we give you a quote and if you agree we make your dream come true!
  • we send it to you via email for approval
  • adjustments needed? They´re included!
  • when you love it we email you a life-size stencil and a mockup for your tattoo artist
  • you get it and love it forever on!

finally the book to understand and create Polynesian tattoos!

I have skimmed through the book and become so very interested in the contents... Very good and suitable for a self-education in Tattoo-ology! - Anne, London

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