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Maoris usually prefer not to lock armbands, as many people believe that a continuous non-stopping line could block the flow of mana, or vital energy.

That´s why we chose to use a continuous blackline to symbolize a disease that can be mortal. We did not close it though, and there´s a reason to this:

through determination, adaptability and strength (white shark and hammerhead shark below the line) and with the help of the family (the turtle) the husband of Laura, who requested this design, can break that line and defeat his disease, to be born again as a new man, growing every day stronger (the sun and waves are for life and change). The fish hooks, or matau, on the matching ends indicate wealth and prosperity, the korus are for a new beginning and the te manaias are guardian angels that represent balance and give protection over earth, air and water. Personally, I would not make the disease line permanent, but I´d make it with henna so that it will fade away as the real disease will.

High-resolution version:
attachment icon[jpg] Whakaoranga - Healing tattoo look
attachment icon[jpg] Whakaoranga - Healing flash tattoo
attachment icon[jpg] Whakaoranga - Healing tattoo stencil

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