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Nikki lost three dearest persons, represented in this design by the three manaias (guardian angels), who are now guarding on her family (the turtle) and on her son (the koru in the middle of the shell), who is the most important treasure in her life (the sun as a symbol of life and joy). She got past a problem herself, which changed her way of looking at many things; waves (representing change) are depicted here in a way to show this change of direction, from pointing downwards to going up towards the lotus flower (perfection, overcoming difficulties) which represents the new goal, together with the search for a positive, simpler life. This is enclosed in the dot and upper motifs, recalling an overstylized manta, (freedom and protection) that get more and more simplified going upwards. They represent what seemed to be important (the white dots), being now slowly abandoned to keep only the core, people and feelings that are really important to us.

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