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This design was requested by Markus as an integration to his Tumi tattoo, shaped here in light grey (it can be seen in the photo section).

The dark grey part starting at the top and curving behind the elbow to reach down to the forarm, featuring Maori styled motifs, has the shape of a fish hook as a wish for prosperity and abundance in every new start (the korus inside of it).

The main elements are the turtle and the flax, which represent family (the turtle is also the voyager). Flax usually has a central leaf representing the child, two leaves representing parents, two outer ones representing grandparents and then the ancestors. We had here an even number of leaves to represent the members of Markus´ family and the grandparents, and their unity through every change (waves). The manaia inside the shell, and the tiki on the right are the guardian angel and the divinity protecting the family from all sides.

The hammerhead stands for determination and strength and the man in his head is Markus, from whom comes new life (the koru), that the ancestors (the enata = man, next to the shark´s head) will guide towards balance and harmony with the elements (the Marquesan cross just before the band of spear heads (the warrior, strength) and bonito tail motif (enclosing the spearheads) that means abundance.

The gecko means good health and communication to the spirits, knowledge.

A curiosity: the flax was a sacred plant and on account of its meanings the inner leaves, representing the child and the parents, were never cut to guarantee the life of the plant.

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