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Warrior, father

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The warrior symbolizes strength and courage, and we inserted some motifs in it to represent how Marcello, who requested this tattoo, recently became a father.

The typical outstretched tongue of the Haka Maori dance serves as an intimidation to enemies, and to set them on challenge. On this account we placed waves and a mango pare motif (hammerhead shark) inside of it: to symbolize the strength and determination needed in facing every change or new challenge.

The seahorse symbolizes tenacity and patience, and sometimes paternity (it´s the male that carries the eggs till babies are born).

Inside the sun (here as a symbol of life and joy) we placed two korus (new life, birth) to symbolize that this new life brings a new beginning for Marcello too.

We used a lizard (good luck, life) as the nose of the warrior and the fish hook symbolizes prosperity.

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