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Heritage, family

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This Polynesian styled half sleeve was requested by Anthony and it is inspired by the traditions of Indian Sikhs, to whom he belongs.

The turtle represents family, and braids and spearheads enclosing the shell symbolize union and the will to fight for family.

The lion inside the shell symbolizes the values of Sikhism: loyalty, courage, determination, tenacity, and below the turtle we enclosed the traditional symbol of Sikhism, the khanda.

It´s made of four weapons: the khanda, which is a double bladed spear, symbolizing material and spiritual justice, two curved kirpans, Miri and Piri, symbolizing Sikhs´ responsibility towards God and society, and an iron ring called Chakram, or Chakker, symbolizing the unity of God.

The row of men on the bottom represents the ancestors, upon which family and traditions rest.

Fish hooks are symbols of wealth and tiki´s hands are for protection.

A curiosity: all male Sikhs share the name Singh, which actually means lion.

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