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Balance, essence
This design joins the celtic triskell, symbolizing eternity and balance, to Polynesian tradition. The Marquesan cross in the center of the triskell shares the same concept of union and balance of elements (wharite means "balance").

The arms of the triskell contain traits of Enrico, who requested this design, representing some aspects of him that join in the center representing his balance: an arm has waves, a koru and a hammerhead shark to symbolize determination in facing changes and new beginnings; a second arm features a sun with a shell on its inside (love, shelter), to symbolize his passionality in love nd joyfulness towards friends and life, with a tiki protecting every aspect of them; the third arm contains a bass clef and a treble clef to symbolize his passion for music, and its general shape recalls that of a fish hook as a wish for prosperity. The shark teeth motif stands for strength and adaptability.

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