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These three turtles were requested by Amy and they represent her self (whaiaro).

From the small one on the bottom to the big one on top:

- indipendence, adventure (that "sun" inside is actually a navel symbol and it represents indipendence since the navel is where the umbilical cord gets cut, added with shark teeth for adaptability and strength); waves represent travels and change and the turtle´s head is a stylized manta (freedom and beauty, protection)

- family; the flax plant on the shell symbolizes her family (two parents enclosing four children) and the braid motif below represents union. The turtle´s head and shell are split in two halves to sygnify that parents have splitted, but the spot in the middle means that family is still a central value for them.

Front flippers are two tikis looking at opposite directions to protect the family from all sides.

- winning upon all adversities; the front flippers are stylized moray eels, which represent difficulties and hardships that could come from every side, but the spearheads on the edge of the shell are symbols of strength and bravery which will keep them away and will not let them get to her (the flower in the middle: femininity and beauty, shelter).

The fish hook is a symbol of status and prosperity. The head of the turtle is a stylized mangopare (hammerhead shark) motif, which symbolizes determination and strength.

The elements shared by the back flippers of all the turtles are tiki eyes, and they are symbols of protection.

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