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Uniqueness, splendour
Ahurei means being unique, chief, but also splendour.

This wristband with minimal blank spaces, and many elements derived from the Marquesan tradition, was requested by Kathleen.

The symbol in the middle, recalling a sun, is actually a stylization of a navel, and it symbolizes independence; the symbol inside of it is an enata (person), like the two ones on the right of the navel/sun. The one in the middle has a different style compared to the other two to represent being unique. On the left there´s a sea shell, a symbol of love and shelter. Above the enatas, on the left, there is an ipu, a symbol of femininity and fertility, and on the right there´s a traditional lizard (good luck). The two tikis facing opposite directions represent protection from every side and the shark teeth motif surrounding them recalling a sun symbolizes adaptability and strength. The sun represents life and eternity.

The chess motif represents games, joy and happy moments.

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