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Propitious, successful

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Trisha is going to start a new activity, and this design reminds her which characteristics are necessary for this, being a symbol of protection too.

The shark symbolizes strength and adaptability. A manaia (her guardian angel) was incorporated into the upper part of the shark´s body, with his head made of a koru (new life) surrounded by the sun (success and eternity). In his three fingered hand (balance of sky, earth and sea), he´s holding a mere (a short club symbolizing the chief, respect and defeating adversities).

The fins include the letters S and H, so that they are protected by the manaia, and the sea shell inside the sun symbolizes positivity and joy in love. The back fin is shaped like a fish hook as a wish for prosperity.

The tail made of waves and including a hammerhead shark represents determination and tenacity in pursuing love and success even through changes.

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