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Tenacious, strong-minded
The hammerhead shark is a symbol of tenacity and strength.

Elements have been added to this design requested by Lorenzo to signify his committment to family.

The moon shaping the shark tail symbolizes his girlfriend, formed by waves since water is a symbol of fertility and femininity like the moon.

Inside the head and body of the shark a turtle is included (a symbol of family) with back flippers formed by a bird (freedom, watching the world from a different perspective) and the shell formed by a sun encircling a gecko, a symbol of protection and health; the tail of the gecko is shaped like a fish hook as a wish for prosperity; the sun being a symbol of eternity and life, of positivity, is a wish for all this to last forever. The E shaped symbols inside the shark´s head are tiki´s hands (the divinity) and they symbolize protection.

The shark fins are the letters N (left) and E (right).

Hammerhead shark motifs are inside the back fin, and the spots on the tail symbolize four important people (standing stones) always present through changes (the stylized waves).

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