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Forever family
Love, union

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Monise and her husband Rodney work far from home for the UN and they requested this design to symbolize their union despite the distance.

The turtle is made of a twist, which is a symbol of eternal bond and love: the path of two lives which, even if separated at times, nevertheless will always get back together in the end.

The right front flipper is a tiki, for protection, and the right back flipper is a sea shell, which represents love and the safe shelter it represents to them.

The left flippers are made of ivy leaves, embracing the turtle (ivy symbolizes fidelity, committment and tenacity).

The leaf below the turtle is a flax leaf, which symbolizes the unity of family, and the sun around the turtle´s head represents joy and eternity. It´s made of shark teeth to symbolize adaptability and strength.

The two lotus flowers inside the turtle represent Monise (the smaller one) and her husband (the bigger one protecting her as a shield) and they symbolize perfection and overcoming adversities (lotus flowers grow immaculate and pure high above the muddy waters they are born in).

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