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Manta backpiece
Carpe diem
The central part of this manta requested by Demian includes a sun-moon, representing impossible becoming possible and the balance of opposites, protected by two tikis watching the opposite directions to protect from every side through all changes (the waves above). The sun moon is surrounded by shark teeth (adaptability and strength) on the side of the sun (male) and by waves (change, but fertility and femininity too) on the side of the moon (female).

The hammerhead shark used for the tail is a symbol of determination, tenacity and protection..

On the outer sides of the tikis two fish hooks represent abundance and prosperity, and beyond them two similar elements represent a Marquesan cross (on the left) symbolizing balance and union of the elements, and a traditional styled lizard (on the right) as a symbol of life and good luck. Tiki hands (protection) and korus/fish hooks (new start/prosperity) complete the wings.

The lower part of the manta wings, on the sides of the hammerhead shark, include two maorigrams of the words "carpe" (on the left) and "diem" (on the right).

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