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Trishula and ouroboros
Eternity, unity

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The trishula is a weapon similar to the trident and in hindu symbology it is associated to many meanings.

The three blades are associated to many trinities of values, such as past, present and future, or creation, maintenance and destruction among the others.

Related to the human body it represents the three main channels of energy meeting at the brow.

In its meaning of unity of past, present and future, it is quite similar to the ouroboros, the snake biting its tail, representing cyclicality and eternity, where every ending cycle is always the beginning of a new one, eternally.

This design was requested by Nikkishia.

We prepared also a very stylized version which is fit for a small size tattoo.

High-resolution version:
attachment icon[jpg] Trishula and ouroboros tattoo flash
attachment icon[jpg] Trishula and ouroboros stylized tattoo
attachment icon[jpg] Trishula and ouroboros tattoo stencil

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