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Short sleeve
Family, protection
This short half sleeve was requested by Kris.

The two manaias symbolize two people who are guarding on his family (the turtle) from above; the shell of the turtle is shaped by a gecko (health, powers) and a fish hook, as a wish for prosperity and wealth.

The sun, being a symbol of eternity and positivity, was used as a wish for lasting joy and success, and the two opposite tikis, where the armband starts, are to protect from every side.

Birds symbolize freedom (like the manta on the lower end) and watching the world from a different perspective.

Flying fish are symbols of abundance, even through changes (waves).

The armband made of spear heads symbolizes strength, the warrior.

Other elements are the hammerhead shark motif (determination, tenacity), the lizard (luck), a koru (new start), mountains (stability), shark teeth (adaptability and strength).

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