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Peace, stability

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Clay requested this armband whose main meaning, from which the name is derived, is related to peace and stability.

The two tikis on the sides control every direction and protect him and his family (the turtle).

The lotus flower represents overcoming every difficulty even through changes (the waves forming the petals); the Marquesan cross in the middle represents balance and harmony and the sun around it, symbolizing eternity, is a wish for lasting peace; the row of mountains on top (closer thus to the spiritual matters) represent stability.

The family on his side helps him reaching perfection while friends (the dolphin, symbol of friendship and joy) keep evil spirits and difficulties away (the moray eel).

The turtle shell is made by a lizard for good luck on his family, and the fish hook close to the right tiki is a wish for prosperity and wealth. We modified the hammerhead shark motif (tenacity, strength and determination) between the fish hook and the lotus to make it look like owl´s eyes, with korus (new start, new life) being its wings and a stylized manta (freedom) being its body to symbolize that Clay will find his freedom by using wisdom and constancy in every new start.

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