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This design requested by Alberto was thought to start on the inside of the upper arm bending to end over the shoulder:

Family protection tattoo

From the bottom, a fish hook is a wish for prosperity and wealth, and the tiki protects the family (the turtle).

The shell and head of the turtle form a twist, which is a symbol of eternal love and union; the head contains a dot indicating the importance of family, the "standing stone", and the shell encloses and protects the members of the family: two korus representing the children and a traditional motif representing a woman for his wife.

Past the turtle we placed a sun, symbolizing eternity and joy, to enhance protection and joy even in changes (the waves), in every aspect of their life, including spirituality (the upper part of the tattoo is connected to spirit, the lower one to the material world) and the birds symbolize the bond with the divinity and watching the world from a higher perspective.

Two birds following each other mean that help and protection will never be refused, in this case to the family.

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