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Mango pare
Hammerhead shark

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The tiki in the middle of the design represents protection and fertility; the front is made of a manta, enforcing the meaning of protection and adding freedom and harmony, surrounded by a sun representing eternity and joy, with shark teeth for adaptability and strength.

The general shape of the design lines out the muscles and is based on the hammerhead shark that extends from side to side passing behind the tiki, with the head being the left edge and the tail ending on the right upper corner. The side fins of the shark are also the front flippers of a turtle, whose shell engraves a hammerhead shark motif, so that they are deeply connected. The hammerhead shark symbolizes protection, determination and tenacity, and the turtle symbolizes the navigator and family.

Inside the hammerhead shark, thus under its protection, korus and waves symbolize new start and changes.

In the upper left corner (on the front of the arm, looking at the future), we placed a lizard (good luck and life), and a manaia (guardian angel) in the bottom right corner symbolizes the mother of Paolo, who requested this design, meaning she will keep guarding on him.

The fish hook above the shark tail is a symbol of prosperity and wealth.

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