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The main element of this design, outlining it and originating the name, is the sun to symbolize joy, optimism and adaptability (the shark teeth on the edge).

Inside the sun we placed a wolf´s head where the pointed elements are mountains symbolizing stability (the wolf itself symbolizes loyalty, fidelity and family bonds, other than swiftness and agility). The blank spaces inside ears and eyes are shaped like korus (new life) and the patterns reaching to the nose are waves (change). The nose is made by the hammerhead shark motif, representing determination and tenacity.

Another important element is the dolphin (joy, sociality and game), sharing the tail with a fish (abundance), and a tiki for protection.

A lizard (good luck) and a manta (freedom, elegance and lightness) complete the sun.

Other elements are a fish hook (prosperity and status), two birds (watching the world from a higher perspective when alone, always being there to help when coupled) and a row of spear heads (the protecting warrior, courage and strength).

The fish in the dolphin´s tail includes a seashell, which is a symbol of safe shelter and love, intimacy.

This design was requested by Marco.

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