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To knot, tie together
This design represents the evolution of a relationship from friendship to something stronger.

From the bottom, the dolphin symbolizes friendship and play, with a sun inside to enforce this characteristics (the sun stands for eternity and positivity) and above it we placed the headletters of the names, F and R.

Waves going upwards represent positive changes and the small contrary ones represent adversities that are overpassed.

The fish hook on the left of the dolphin is a wish for wealth and prosperity.

The black line and the one made of spears symbolize these two persons whom, getting together, found their strength (spear heads motif symbolizes the warrior, strength and courage), whilst the seagulls represent freedom, and watching the world from a different perspective. The fact that they follow each other symbolizes how they´ll always be there to help each other, and the sea shell symbolizes love and safety.

The sun surrounding it symbolizes eternity and positivity.

The seashell forms a double spiral in the center (union and eternity), which becomes the tail of the manta, a symbol of beauty and freedom.

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