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Past and future
We chose a seagull to shape this design because they symbolize freedom and safe return and, like any bird similarly, watching the world from a different perspective.

Moray eels forming the tips of the wings represent two difficult moments in the life of Kelly, which she has now left behind, with tiki hands and koru on the wings to symbolize protection in every new start.

The end of the tail contains braid (union), which symbolizes a marriage that ended leaving her on her own again (the dot) until she met S.E.T., included as a maorigram in the body of the seagull, with whom she found back her balance and harmony (the Marquesan cross in the center of the seagull).

This change (the waves on the wings) will lead to abundance (the blank fish hook inside the right wing), love and safety (and intimity; the seashell on the left wing).

Shark teeth represent adaptability and are virtually positioned along a circle to represent a sun (eternity and joy).

This design was inspired by a request from Kelly.

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