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In Hawaiian language "kai" means sea, and it´s the name we gave to this design requested by Dan, representing his connection to the sea.

We prepared in the past two designs for Dan and his request was to have a third design, for his left breast plate, which would include all of the element from the previous ones.

We used a gecko (health) and a hammerhead shark (determination, tenacity) as the main elements, placed in a circle to symbolize life and balance between earth and sea.

The gecko includes on the inside the shapes of a scuba diver, a marlin (sharpness, speed) and a stylized seagull (freedom, safe return) in the head, koru (new start) in the legs and a fish hook (abundance, prosperity) inside the body.

The hammerhead shark includes a turtle (navigator and family), a yellow fins tuna, a manta (elegance, freedom and protection) and a seashell (love and intimacy) next to his wife´s name Sue.

Hibiscus flowers symbolize Hawaii and the island vibe, whilst waves symbolize the sea and change.

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