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"Reese" turtle
Family, life

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The head of this turtle is shaped like a bird to symbolize freedom and watching the world from a higher point of view (safe return also).

The front flippers are tikis to guard Nancy, who requested this design, from every side, and the turtle itself is a symbol for family and travellers.

The right back flipper is shaped like a treble clef for music, with a sunrise next to it representing positivity and joy and encircling the name of her son, Reese, in maorigram with a koru added to symbolize him, and life.

Next to the name, the left back flipper is shaped like a shell for faithful love, intimacy and safe shelter.

Above the sun, we placed waves on the right "controlling" some fire just below, to represent her job as a fireguard, and a lightning bolt on the left as a symbol of dispatchers.

Between them, malt and hop are for her brewing hobby.

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