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Ferruccio requested us a tattoo to symbolize friendship, with two F letters inside. We tapped into two very distant cultures, yet very close on some accounts: African and Maori.

The symbol itself, redesigned in a Maori fashion, is an Ashanti symbol called "Ese ne tekrema" which means "the teeth and the tongue", and just like both teeth and tongue are necessary to talk and eat, the same way two friends can be very close.

The two Fs have been derived from theinner motif. The original version can be seen here.

Available without F letters too:

Whakahoanga - friendship tattoo

High-resolution version:
attachment icon[jpg] Whakahoanga - Friendship flash tattoo
attachment icon[jpg] Whakahoanga - Friendship tattoo stencil
attachment icon[jpg] Whakahoanga flash tattoo - no letters

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