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In this design for the left arm requested by Terry we used a turtle shell motif that goes from the past on the right (the family of origin) to the future on the left (the new family), divided by the path of Kamehameha (a difficult path) and by a row of spear heads (the warrior, courage and strength).

Birds represent watching the world from a different perspective and they trail to take him on this passage towards independence, the manta on the left in his future, representing freedom and protection (the tiki hand).

A wide sun surrounds all the shoulder to represent positivity and success and we used mountains for the edge (stability). This and the smaller sun matched by a moon (the impossible that becomes possible) represent his new self-confidence, which will earn him a new balance in life (the Marquesan cross).

The dolphin takes a nice part of his life representing sociality and friends, and the row of ani ata nearby (representing a row of people holding hands) is for his friends and ancestors, the people in his life, protected by the all-seeing eye just below.

The fish symbolize prosperity and abundance and the ipu on the manta represent fertility and growth.

The row of waves on the right (in his past) go backwards to symbolize adversities that he defeated with his strength while the lizard just below represents luck following him into the future, where waves go along the path and not against it, to represent positive changes.

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