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New beginning

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This turtle was requested by Nina and it represents a new beginning for her. Turtles are patient animals who become harmonious in the water and their shell protects them.

The lower part of the turtle is made of waves going downwards, representing difficulties, but they are shaped like a manta (freedom, beauty) to show she got free of the difficulties and reached balance and positivity (the Marquesan cross in the middle of the shell). Korus are for her new beginning and the front flippers recall the wings of a bird because birds symbolize watching the world from a different perspective.

We also prepared two more versions to fit smaller sizes, sharing the same meanings: korus for a new beginning, front flippers shaped like the wings of a bird.

Small turtles tattoo

One turtle has a Marquesan cross and the other one has a frangipani flower (beauty, safe shelter) on their shell.

High-resolution version:
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attachment icon[jpg] New start turtle tattoo stencil
attachment icon[jpg] New start turtle tattoo - small

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