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Mantas pair
Union, beauty

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These two mantas were requested by Ivy and her fiancee.

They have some elements in common to symbolize their union and they have some different ones to symbolize how each of them brought their peculiarities in their relationship making it more complete and special.

The shared alements are the double spiral (meeting, union and eternity), a wave to recall the sea and surfing (a shared passion), which becomes a sea shell (love, safe shelter and intimacy), a tiki hand close to it for protection in the water and upon their relationship, a lizard in the tail as a wish for good luck and spear heads meaning strength and representing the warrior.

The elements being unique to Ivy´s manta are a whale (nurturing, care, drawn swimming behind the flower of frangipani with her tail being the right wing of the manta), the flower (beauty and safety) and two chasing pidgeons (meaning that the dear ones will never remain unhelped).

The second manta includes a turtle instead (family, navigator) made of several elements: the shell includes the two pidgeons and a tiki mask to symbolize help and protection through changes (the flippers made of waves), with a tiki eye forming the tip of the right wing of the manta.

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