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Lineage, descent

This armband tattoo requested by Gianluca represents the continuity in family: we placed a tiki (protection, ancestors) representing his father on the back (the past) and a turtle (family) representing his daughter on the front (the future) to ideally symbolize the continuity of family from the past to the future through him. The tiki is surrounded by a sun (eternity and positivity) and has coupled chasing birds nearby (representing help always being granted to the dear ones).
A fish hook next to them symbolizes prosperity and wealth.

The ipu is a common element to his father and his daughter´s designs, being present under the tiki and on the front flippers of the turtle: it symbolizes fertility and it´s often used to represent genealogic relations.

On the sides of the tiki hands we placed two maorigrams of the numbers 1 and 9 for the date his father passed while below the turtle the maorigrams of the numbers 25, 1 and 94 are for the birthdate of his daughter.

The back flippers are made of sea shells (faithful love and safe shelter) and the turtle shell was created drawing a traditional styled lizard (good luck and health).

Other elements composing the tattoo are spear heads (the warrior, courage and strength), fish (abundance, prosperity) and shark teeth (adaptability, strength and protection).

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