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Island vibe
Taste life
The ibiscus flower is often used to symbolize being consumed by love, the feeling of freedom called "Island vibe", that is love for life and the taste for living it in its plenty, without hurry, with serenity and kindness.

The manta ray supplements this idea finely, symbolizing freedom and elegance, beauty, while its way of moving slowly, almost flying through the water, reminds us that life is beauty, slow rhythms lived in each and every moment, and that we must not just pass through life without ever stopping.

The central twist symbolizes eternal love, and the stylized korus represent life.

Requested by Marilena.

High-resolution version:
attachment icon[jpg] Island vibe - Ibiscus and manta flash tattoo
attachment icon[jpg] Island vibe - Ibiscus and manta tattoo stencil

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