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The dreamcatcher, as it is commonly called, is an artifact known and shared by most Native American tribes.

It´s a symbol of protection that comes from the Ojibway (Chippewa) tribe and the legend tells how an old woman protected Asibikaashi, the spider woman, and how to thank her the spider wove a web that would trap the bad dreams letting only the good ones pass.

Every part of the dream catcher has a reason to it and a meaning: its circular shape is said to represent the circle of life, or the path of the sun in the sky; the web served as a trap for nightmares so that they could vanish in the morning under the first sun rays, whilst the small hole in the middle lets only the good dreams slip through, floating then soflty down to the dreamer on the feathers often present on the dreamcatcher.

The web gets connected to the frame in eight places to remember the eight legs of Asibikaashi.

This stylized dreamcatcher was requested by Nadia.

A curiosity: the feather in the middle symbolizes air and it´s a symbol of life; it usually came from an owl (in general for females, to favour wisdom) or from an eagle (generally for males, to favour courage).

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