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The main elements of this tattoo strongly inspired to the Marquesan style are two tikis, one above the other, in the middle of the arm; they represent protection, fertility and ancestors and give the name to this tattoo requested by Darek (enata means "person"). The higher one is surrounded by a sun to symbolize success and it is shaped by a stylization of the path of Kamehameha (a diffucult trail) to represent that even difficulties can be turned into success with adaptability and resilience (the shark teeth inside the sun).

The flax leaves above it are a symbol of family union, to represent its importance.
A smaller sun on the chest contains a Marquesan cross to symbolize balance, bringing joy and positivity and a seashell between them is for safe shelter and intimacy.

Other elements throughout the design are a lizard (on the chest) for good luck and a koru (life, new beginning).
For the armband part we used a turtle (family and protection, but also the traveller), an all-seeing eye (to scare enemies away) and ipus (fertility, ancestors); on the very bottom, standing stones represent his achievements, upon which he´s building his life as a man (the figure in the middle).

The hammerhead shark motif is for tenacity, determination and perseverance; birds symbolize friendship and watching the world from a higher perspective whereas a row of fish is for prosperity.

Spear heads represent the warrior, courage and strength and they go along the left side of the tikis.
Mountains represent stability.

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