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Hihi o te Ra

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Sandra requested this tattoo of a composite sun to remind her during dark hours that life is beautiful and full of joy.
We drew it with 7 rays as it´s a symbolic number for good luck to many cultures.

On the outside of the ankle we placed symbols relating to her freedom: birds in the sunbeam and a manta on the inside of the sun representing freedom, independence and safe return.

On the inside we placed symbols relating to family (the braid symbolizes union); the se shell stands for love, intimacy, safe shelter; the flower of frangipani symbolizes beauty and love.

The two opposite aspects meet inside the sun, where a Marquesan cross represents union of the elements and harmony.

The central longer sunbeam has a fish hook (prosperity) and elements from both the other beams (the flower and the bird) to symbolize that the two different aspects will both be part of her future.
The fish is again for prosperity and shark teeth for adaptability.

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