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Inner strength

This tattoo requested by Claudia was designed to swirl around the ankle, passing right over the foot.

At both ends two stylized manaia watching in opposite directions represent protection on all sides, in the past and in the future.
Going down from the top we find a plumeria flower (safe shelter, beauty and femininity) followed by a row of fish representing prosperity and abundance.
Stylized opposing waves and the path of Kamehamehai represent the adversities that are faced with inner strength, tenacity and adaptability (the hammerhead shark motif inside the manta and the shark teeth in the spiral) to earn back freedom (the manta itself) and stability (the mountains that shape the sun, eternity and joy).

Birds symbolize watching the world from a higher perspective and, when chasing each other, help that will never lack to the dear ones.

The octopus tentacle closing the design before the manaia symbolizes intelligence and tenacity.

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