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Chief warrior

The warrior mask in the middle of the shoulder represents the warrior, with his tongue stretched out for defiance and holding a spear to symbolize his fighting spirit just like the two centipedes behind the two tikis looking towards the past and the future for protection from all sides.

The manaia is another protective element, holding a mere which is a symbol of chiefs and represents honour, courage and respect.

The path of Kamehameha on the right represents a hard trail that leads to success (the big sun on the top).

Enatas upside down represent defeated enemies; fish and fish hooks represent prosperity and birds are for a higher perspective and freedom. Chasing birds are also a symbol of protection to the dear ones.

The sun made of coconut leaves on the pec symbolizes prosperity and the chief where the sun is a symbol of power and eternity with an all-seeing eye in the middle for protection against enemies.

Shark teeth are for adaptability and strength; waves are for change and the flax leaves represent family.

The lizard symbolizes good luck and health, the manta symbolizes freedom, wisdom and knowledge while the hibiscus flower symbolizes passion and carpe diem, living every moment at its best.

The moray eel in the past is kept at bay by spear heads and shark teeth and the standing stones along the bottom represent the achievements of Dave, who requested this tattoo.

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