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Family, household

Carlo requested this tattoo that represents three generations. The part on the shoulder represents a turtle with its front flippers extending onto shoulder blade and pec, connecting the past to the future.
The right flipper represents his father, from whom he inherited tenacity and determination (the hammerhead shark they have in common) whilst the one on the left represents his mother, who gave him the joy of living and of enjoying every moment.

The turtle itself represents Carlo, what he became also thanks to them, while the armband part (strength) is dedicated to his wife, with whom he shares passions, difficulties and successes.

The greatest success though is their family, represented by the turtle placed on the pec, closer to the heart, which encloses symbols of family and union together with the names of their children.

In the middle of the armband, hammerhead shark and dolphin symbolize tenacity and joy; the central flower of hibiscus symbolizes tasting every moment, overcoming any difficulty that may be found along the way.

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