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Mario requested this half sleeve tattoo representing his life and what is most important for him.

The design, like his own story, develops from past to future, from the back of the arm to the front extending onto the shoulder to represent his present.
From the past where moray eels represent faced and won adversities to the future where the manta represents freedom and a lizard good luck, the path of Kamehameha indicated a path that is hard but aimed at success, walked with strength, courage (spear heads) and the help of family (at the base, showing they are his support, we placed three maorigrams of the names of his wife and of their two children).

The turtle symbolizes family (like the flax leaves on its inside and the braid for unity used to shape the shell) whilst the hammerhead shark protecting it (together with the tiki on the front left flipper) represents Mario.

Other elements refer to earth and water to recall triathlon; coconut leaves represent prosperity and shark teeth are for adaptability and strength.

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