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Arturo requested this half sleeve representing his story.
On the right part, corresponding to his past, we drew the map of Venezuela as an empty space in the design since it will always leave an empty space in him, missing the country where he grew up.
Inside the map a turtle represents his family still there, to whom he feels very unite (the braid motif on the shell).

The enata crossing the map symbolize important people in his life, friends and family. The moray eel next to the map represents the adversities that convinced him to leave.

The row of birds represents travelling, freedom, always moving, just like the row of birds that goes up into the sun. They are flanked by the path of Kamehameha (a difficult path that leads to success) and a row of spear heads (the warrior fighting for a better future, bravery and courage).
This path leads to the sun (joy and success) that encircles his new family (the turtle inside it) where the manta represents the acquired freedom and the beauty of his relation with his wife. Tikis on the front flippers protect them from all sides.

On the left side another manta is for freedom and voyage in his future, protected by the manaia next to it and by his ancestors (the row of stylized enata that runs below manta and manaia).

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