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Stefano requested this half sleeve made up of three block about his past, faced adversities and present situation.

The first block, the lower armband, is about his family: his base, his origin, with the turtle on the left symbolizing his family, very unite (the braid, chasing birds and sea shell), with a tiki to protect it and the all-seeing eye to keep enemies at bay.
The spear heads below the turtle symbolize the tenacity that family taught him.

The row of ani ata represents the ancestors guarding on his family: the ipu in the middle is an important person who´s missed, with eels on her sides to represents adversities and standing stones to symbolize all that she taught him which is now part of his abilities, like the second row of spear heads for the warrior spirit to face any difficulty (the path of Kamehameha extending on both sides with two bigger "obstacles", greater difficulties from which he learnt a lot).

In the upper part we designed a manta (freedom) and a lizard (good luck) surrounded by a sun made of mountains (positivity and success, stability).
Shark teeth symbolize protection and adaptability and the Marquesan cross stands for balance and harmony.

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