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Luigi requested this mainly Marquesan styled full sleeve and pec tattoo featuring his story.

From the lower edge of the sleeve, where stones symbolize successes reached and lessons learnt on which he built his present life, going up we reach the manta that closes the sleeve over the shoulder symbolizing the freedom reached during this voyage.

To get there, the path develops from initial adversities towards the new acquired balance (the Marquesan cross), seeked with adaptability (shark teeth), determination and tenacity (spear heads and warrior enata) shared with the people who joined him along this voyage.

The tiki on the shoulder with two turtle shells below (shields) represents constant protection during this voyage (the birds, which also represent watching the world from a higher perspective).

The part on the pectoral muscle represents the success he reached, health and prosperity, with a tiki that encloses three enata representing protection to the dear ones.

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