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Mai rano
Ever since

This sleeve tattoo represents Giovanni´s life and the people who shared it with him being an important part of it.
His parents for example are represented on his elbow inside a sun because they have always been on his side during the hard times: the sun represents positivity, eternity (and it´s represented here by the ani ana motif symbolizing ancestors) while the elbow, like all joints in general, symbolizes union.

Family appears in several parts of the design, ans so are references to tenacity and strength, which helped taking Giovanni´s life from past difficulties to the present life where he reached his own freedom and balance (the manta and sun on the shoulder, together with the hammerhead shark and the all seeing eye for protection).

The central warrior mask is protected on all sides by the two tikis and another protective symbol is the manaia.
The lizard is a symbol of good luck while palm leaves, fish and fish hook all symbolize prosperity.
The row of birds represents this voyage that lead him to watching the world from a higher perspective.

A twist (two people joined forever) includes a stylized wolf for fidelity and protection.

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