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Independence, autonomy

Mauro requested this armband tattoo where the sun on the front of the leg and the frigate on the back have slightly different styles to keep the past darker and the future lighter.

The sun is surrounded by people, friends and relatives, while inside of it we placed waves and mountains to symbolize completeness: water and earth, change and stability.
Waves shape a koru (new start and life) as a symbol of creativity whilst spear heads show the strength needed for fighting for freedom and knowledge (the manta).

On the left, a lizard represents good luck and a row of birds on the right symbolizes the voyage that leads to watching the world from a higher perspective.
On their right the shark is a symbol of protection, strength and adaptability.

The moray eel and the path of Kamehameha on the calf show the difficulties faced in the past, which taught Mauro what now is his experience, represented here by the standing stones inside it.

Below that, on the calf, the all-seeing eye keeps enemies at bay and fish represent prosperity.

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