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This half sleeve and pec tattoo was requested by Aron to represent the voyage of his life, from his home country to his new home.

The right part placed on the shoulder blade represents the past, where two ipus (fertility and genealogy) shape his home country. A path of waves starts there representing the voyage that took him to Hawaii (symbolized on the shoulder) and then to Los Angeles (LA placed on the pec) where he is working hard to reach freedom and prosperity, symbolized by the manta and by coconut leaves and fish hook.

The ani ata motif on the back represents ancestors guiding him along this difficult path (the Path of Kamehameha and moray eel) that he faces with strength and tenacity (the hammerhead shark).
The tiki holding the enata, shark teeth and the all seeing eye on top inside a sun are all symbols of protection; birds are for watching the world from a higher perspective and spear heads represent the warrior, courage and strength.

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