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This armband tattoo requested by Giacomo is divided into three parts and it incorporates non polynesian elements like laurel leaves and a volley ball.
In the greater upper band a hammerhead shark (resilience, tenacity and warrior spirit, sociality) faces and defeats a moray eel (adversities).
The sun is a wish for a happy life (the hand inside it is a protection symbol) and the fish hook is for prosperity.

Inside the middle band, completing the sun, we placed a warrior who faces a difficult path (the path of Kamehameha around it) to reach success (the laurel leaves around it forming a sun).

The lower band is dedicated to volleyball, with the ball paired and balanced by a Marquesan cross, indicating balance and harmony.

The Maori stylized parts contain koru (life, new beginning) shaping waves (change) and the hammerhead shark motif.

High-resolution version:
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