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This tattoo of a manta requested by Vlad revolves around flax leaves and braid (family and union) and enata (for friends) to symbolize how friendship and union with the dear ones are the most important things in life, the basis of happyness (the sun surrounding them).

Difficulties are far from them, on the outer side of the left wing (the path of Kamehameha), faced and kept far by the hammerhead shark (tenacity and strength) and by the spear heads on the right wing flanked by the ani ata motif representing ancestors.

A dog paw print is near the tail of the manta while other elements are a fish hook on top (prosperity, but also knowledge) and shark teeth (adaptability).

The manta itself is a symbol for beauty and intelligence while the hammerhead shark includes a Marquesan cross for harmony and waves for the ocean.

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