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On the left of this legband tattoo requested by Alejandro the turtle with a koru represents his family and birth, with braid for union to shape the shell.
The fish hook next to it represents prosperity; waves are for change and a manta symbolizes freedom and protection over his voyages (it shapes the stylized face of a tiki)

The path of Kamehameha nearby symbolizes a difficult path, which lies here side by side to rows of birds and spear heads, the voyages that taught him to watch the world from a higher perspective, faced with courage and strength, like a warrior.
Below the path of Kamehameha, opposing waves are adversities faced with tenacity (the hammerhead shark motif).

The row of birds mixes up with waves and fish, surrounded by a sun made of mountains to symbolize the union of air, sea and land, all converging into a spiral (eternity) towards a Marquesan cross in the center representing balance.

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attachment icon[jpg] Path to balance band tattoo flash
attachment icon[jpg] Path to balance band tattoo stencil

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