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This tattoo was requested by Jacopo for covering an old one (the shadings on some elements improve the covering).

The all seeing eye in the center protects his family, represented by flax leaves and guarded by the tiki on the left too.

The sun symbolizes success and eternity.
Below the flax leaves the Marquesan cross symbolizes harmony, embraced by the warrior (the centipede below the warrior represents the fighting spirit too).
The stones along the lower edge are successes achieved and things learnt, upon which Jacopo builds his life).

The manta ray represents freedom and beauty, spear heads are for courage and strength and the lizard is a symbol of good luck.

Other elements are waves (changes), octopus tentacles (adaptability and tenacity), fish (prosperity), the enata close to the warrior (family on his side), the hammerhead shark motif on the low left corner (tenacity, strength and determination, at the base) and a moray eel in the past (difficulties) from which a row of birds starts representing a growing voyage that leads to the future.

High-resolution version:
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