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Ocean legacy

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This extended half sleeve tattoo requested by Nilton represents the ocean, his family and the relation among them.

Two waves shape the back of the tattoo as waves and water come from far in the history of his family, and they are woven with sea creatures like the hammerhead shark (tenacity, the warrior and sociality), the manta (freedom and beauty), a seahorse (fatherhood, tenacity) and a turtle with a tiki on its shell to represent a guardian angel protecting family (whose five members are represented by the five enata in the center of the tattoo).

A path of Kamehameha and a moray eel in the past symbolize a difficult path and adversities that have been faced and passed to earn a new harmony in the present and future (the Marquesan cross).

A lizard is a wish for good luck and health and the tiki on the pec of the tattoo guards the future.

Birds symbolize voyages and watching the world from a higher perspective, fish are for prosperity and the braid represents family union.

The sun symbolizes joy and positivity and some flax leaves for family union are shaped to recall a scallop (vieira in Spanish).

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