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The two flowers of frangipani represent Giulia and her sister while the two lines developing into two identical spirals behind the flowers and over the hibiscus symbolize the ideantical paths that they shared in life, which united them two more and more.

The flower of hibiscus represents solarity, joy and the will of living every moment at its best.

On the lower end, a spiral developing into a path of Kamehameha symbolizes the difficult shared path they faced always helping each other out (the chasing birds and myrtle leaves).

Inside the hibiscus there are a tiki eye and hand (protection), an ipu (femininity) and a sun shaped by mountains (joy and stability).

The smaller version was adapted for the neck.

High-resolution version:
attachment icon[jpg] Sisters floral tattoo flash
attachment icon[jpg] Sisters floral tattoo stencil

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