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Two moray eels at the bottom of this tattoo represent the adversities faced by Matej with adaptability and strength (shark teeth).
The standing stones just above represent his achievements, which allowed him to start a new difficult path (the path of Kamehameha) that brings a new beginning (the koru) finally reaching prosperity and balance (the coconut palm leaves and Marquesan cross).

A lizard (good luck, communication to the gods) assists both family (the honu shell motif) and work (the fish hook) through every change (the waves near its head) while the central tiki represents the protector, guarding on him together with his ancestors (the ani ata motif around the tiki face).

A white bird in the head of the tiki, facing other black birds, symbolizes independence and a part of the tiki head was shaped like a manta, which is a symbol of freedom.

The row of spear heads enclosing the tattoo on one side represents the warrior, the courage and strength to follow one´s own ideas towards prosperity, while mountains represent stability.

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