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The turtle is the main element of this halfsleeve tattoo requested by Alessandro, swimming towards the future protected by tikis on the front flippers and with a fish hook (sharp mind, knowledge) and shark teeth (adaptability and strength) on the back flippers.

Its shell includes a braid and flax leaves for family unity with a warrior in the center supported by two enata. The row of other enata on top represent people helped, surrounded by a sun made of mountains (stability).
Another sun surrounds the turtle itself to indicate success.
The names Rosanna and Massimo were inserted as maorigrams.

Several elements represent the adversities faced along the way to success: the path of Kamehameha, moray eels and opposing waves.
Other elements like spear heads and the hammerhead shark motif represent instead the warrior, the strength and determination he used to face and win these adversities.

A third sun on the left includes a Marquesan cross for the reached balance.
Lizard and gecko are for good luck and health while elements like the mere and an adze symbolize respect, responsability and zeal.

Fish and coconut leaves symbolize prosperity while the row of birds represents the higher perspective reached.

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